KUWAIT CITY – In its drive to set new standards for its portfolio, Safir Hotels & Resorts recently selected a new line of Guest toiletries, to be used in all of its hotels. The ANYAH Eco Spa Treatment line is a high-quality and eco-friendly cosmetic line that meets Safir’s desire to make responsible decisions on how to minimize its hotels’ impact on the environment. Safir Fintas Kuwait – Hotel & Residences - will be the first hotel in the group to introduce this new range of Guest cosmetics.


The ANYAH products for face, body and hair are carefully formulated and contain rich, effective and high-quality vegetable extracts, like rosemary and mimosa. They are enriched with vegetable and organic extracts, such as shea butter, macadamia oil and jojoba oil. The entire cosmetics line is enhanced by a specific aroma, which give ANYAH an unforgettable character: fresh, citric and marine. The olfactive notes include sparkling citrus and fresh watery bamboo, a precious floral bouquet with jasmine and fresia, enriched with the enveloping lotus flower. Warm woods together with fava tonka complete the comforting and embracing new signature for Safir Hotels & Resorts.


The primary line, which comprises of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, vegetable soap and moisturizing lotion for hand and body, will be made available in all hotel rooms. A more exclusive, comprehensive cosmetic line will be available in selected suites in our hotels and resorts, and include a facial cream, an after-sun cream, a body scrub and a conditioning hair treatment. We are revisiting our entire guest journey and wish to ensure that each and every product that physically touches our Guests, is of the very best quality, ensuring an optimum experience.


ANYAH cosmetics are manufactured in accordance with the exacting standards of two of Europe’s most renowned certification organisations – “EU Ecolabel” and “Ecocert”. The production cycle is focused on minimum environmental impact, from the extraction of raw ingredients through to production, use and disposal.


Ecocert is a private organization operating in 80 countries worldwide, certifying the organicity of a product. It focuses primarily on the raw natural materials, but it also checks the production chain, ending with product disposal. The verification is done yearly. Ecocert takes into consideration both rinse washing products and non-rinse products. EU Ecolabel is a mark given to products that respect severe ecological criteria along their entire life cycle. The approving standards are decided to a European level and they refer to the formula, the packaging and the product performance. EU Ecolabel takes into consideration only rinse washing products, like shampoo, shower gel and conditioner.


All cosmetics are clinically tested, nickel-tested, paraben-free, and free of BHT’s, EDTA’s, phenoxyethanol, petrolatum, silicones and GMO’s. The products are vegan friendly and particular attention has also been given to packaging. Bottles are made of 100% post-consumer recycled PET. Alternatively, toiletries are presented in so-called doypacks, which have an even lower impact on the environment.


Safir Hotels & Resorts is also exploring the introduction of other new alternatives for Guest-facing products, such as towels, bed linen, in-room amenities, etc. “In the selection process of each of these products we look at how we can ensure minimum impact on the environment”, says Safir’s Chief Operating Officer Patrick de Groot. “In order to make a real difference, we need to adhere to our principles consistently”, he adds.

About Safir Hotels & Resorts

Safir Hotels & Resorts is part of KIPCO Group. Established in 1962, the company manages a portfolio of ten hotels in Kuwait, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon and Syria. Most of its hotels are managed under the Safir brand, except for its flagship property “Marina Hotel Kuwait”. Its portfolio strategy is aimed at growth in the MENA region in the midscale and upscale segments, managing both hotels and serviced residences. As the first Arabian hospitality management company in the region, the company has a wealth of experience in bringing value to hotel development projects and profitable hotel operations.