Safir Hotels & Resorts is a professional Hotel Management Company, managing a portfolio of Upscale and Midscale hotel properties across the Middle East. We are keen to explore hotel management opportunities with developers and hotel owners.

We provide the following services:

  • Design & Technical Services
  • Market Intelligence


We have an in-house Design & Technical Services team to assist in the development of new exciting, profitable hotel products.

In recent years, Safir has developed two very detailed concept blueprints for Upper Midscale and Upscale product positions. Every component of the product mix is considered in finite detail, ensuring that a positive Guest experience is supported by technical design guidelines. We use these concept blueprints as the base for a very detailed briefing process for all design consultants involved in the project. It shortens the design process and ensures efficient delivery of ergonomic hotel products.


We are your business partner in the commercial planning process for new opportunities. We work with our preferred partner TRI Middle East, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which provides us access to reliable market intelligence across the Middle East and Northern African markets.

Safir Hotels & Resorts is part of the KIPCO eco-system, one of the Middle East’s largest power houses.