Known for its mountains, waterfalls, beaches and rich maritime and spice trade history, Salalah is a destination for nature enthusiasts, beach combers and history buffs alike. Discover beaches teaming with life, lush green landscapes bejeweled with turquoise waterfalls, rivers and lakes, and museums, historical villages and archeological sites aplenty. Whatever your interests may be, at Salalah you will find what you’re looking for.

Activities by category:


  • Salalah Airport - 3km
  • Sultan Qaboos Mosque Salalah – 8.6km
  • Al Hosn Palace – 9.9km
  • Al Hafa Fort Market – 10km


  • Salalah Gardens Mall


  • Salalah Water Theme Park - 3.4km
  • Salalah Public Park - 4.5km
  • Hawana Aqua Park - 29.4 km


  • Ettin Mountain - 5km
  • Ayn Khor - 21km
  • Raysut Waterfalls - 21km
  • Ayn Razat – 28.1km
  • Mughsail Beach – 45.6 km
  • Ayn Athum – 45.9 km
  • Wadi Darbat – 67.5 km


  • Kareef Heritage Village - 2.6km
  • Nabi Younis' Tomb - 8.8km
  • Prophet Imran's Masjid and Tomb - 9.2km
  • The Museum of the Frankincense Land - 12km
  • Al Balid Archaeological Park - 15.4km
  • Ras-Raysut Lighthouse - 15.7km
  • Prophet Job's footprint - 22.4km
  • Prophet Hud's Tomb - 34km
  • Taqah Castle - 40.4km
  • Khor Rori Archeological Site - 55.5km


We partner with a number of leading tour guide companies to ensure that you see all that there is to see and do all that there is to do during your stay with us here in Salalah.

Please check the Travel Desk in the Salalah Gardens Hotel Lobby for tour information and availability.